Tejcukor-érzékenységi (laktózintolerancia) DNS teszt

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Experience discomfort when eating dairy products? Do you feel bloated or get indigestion after consuming foods such as milk or cheese? If the answer to these questions is Yes, then you may need a lactose intolerance test. A lactose intolerance test will establish whether you carry a certain gene mutation which makes you unable to produce the enzyme which helps digest lactose.

Öröklődő genetikai betegségek vizsgálata

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Képzelje csak el, mennyi mindent megtehetne, ha lehetősége nyílna rá, hogy megismerje bizonyos betegségek kialakulásának kockázatát a DNS-ben tárolt információk alapján! Az EasyDNA Magyarország, egy olyan innovatív genetikai vizsgálatot kínál Önnek, amellyel kezébe veheti egészsége irányítását.


Why should you consider genetic testing?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider genetic testing. Genetic testing may help you find out whether you are at an elevated risk of a disease which means you could tackle the diseases early or undertake measures to control, prevent or mitigate the onset. Essentially, genetic testing gives the possibility to other people in the family of finding out whether they have inherited any diseases that run in the family. There are many more reasons. Read our page on why you should consider genetic testing.